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Abu Tig Marina, El Gouna, Egypt, Hurghada

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Sakara Gold (0.5cl) 70 LE
Sakara Weizen (0.5cl) 75 LE
Stella Local (0.5cl) 70 LE
Heineken (0.33cl) 70 LE
Luxor Classic (0.5cl) 70 LE
Meister max (0.33cl) 75 LE
Desperados 75 LE

Classic Cocktails

All Cocktails made from local spirits

Cuba Libre 95 LE
Rum, Cola, Lime Juice

Pina Colada 95 LE
Rum, Pineapple juice, Coconut milk

Strawberry Daiquiri 95 LE
Rum, Lemon juice, Fresh strawberry juice

Bloody Mary 95 LE
Vodka, Tomato juice, Lemon juice, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper

Mojito 95 LE
Rum, Lime juice, Sugar, Fresh mint, Soda

Bull Mojito 110 LE
Rum, lemon, brown sugar, mint and Red Bull

Long Island Ice Tea 110 LE
Vodka, Tequila, Rum, Gin, Lime juice, Sugar syrup, Coca cola

Tequila Sunrise 95 LE
Tequila, Canned orange juice, Grenadine

Screwdriver 95 LE
Vodka, Canned orange juice

Vodka Red bull 110 LE

Virgin Cocktails 65 LE

Glühwein Seasonal,Irish coffee 100/95 LE


Soft Drinks

Coca cola, cola light, cola zero, sprite, Fanta 35 LE
Ice Tea (Lemon or peach) 40 LE
Tonic water 35 LE
Soda water 35 LE
Sparkling Water Baraka 35 LE
Mineral water large 25 LE
Mineral water small 20 LE
Apple mix 35 LE
Red bull 60 LE
Red Bull Sugar Free 60 LE
Birell (0.33cl) 35 LE

Cold Frappes & Shakes

Classic Coffee Frappe 80 LE
Ice Cappuccino 85 LE
Banana Frappe 85 LE
Milk Shakes 80 LE
Strawberry, Vanilla, Mango, Chocolate or Banana


Fresh Juice 55 LE
Mango, Guava, Strawberry & Lemon
Orange & Mandarin (Seasonal)
Canned Juice 40 LE
Apple, Pineapple, Tomato & Orange
Home made fresh juice 75 LE
Carrot /Orange (seasonal )
Home made fresh Apple juice 110 LE


Triple Fruit 60 LE
Strawberry, Mango & Guava
Very Berry 80 LE
Mixed berries, Orange juice, Vanilla ice cream
Orange Glorious 65 LE
Fresh orange, Milk, vanilla ice cream
Coco Sunshine 65 LE
Mango, Pineapple juice, Vanilla ice cream, Milk
Banana mango 65 LE
Orange juice, Fresh Banana and Mango

Hot Drinks

Classic Espresso 50 LE
Double Espresso 65 LE
Espresso Macchiato 55 LE
Classic Cappuccino 55 LE
Coffee Latte 55 LE
Assortment of Tea 30 LE
Hot chocolate 55 LE
Americano Coffee 55 LE
Nescafé 35 LE

Wine Selection

Rose Wine

Shahrazade 350 LE
Grenache, Egypt (Organic wine made at El Gouna winery)

Beausoleil 400 LE
Merlot, Egypt (Organic wine made at El Gouna winery)

Omar Khayyam 350 LE
Sultanine Blanche - Bobal, Egypt

Ayam 550 LE

Aida Valmont 600 LE

Sparkling Wine

Le Baron 690 LE
White, Rosé - Egypt

Aida Opera 690 LE
White, Rosé - Egypt

Wine By Glass

White, Red or Rosé (25cl) 110 LE
White, Red or Rosé (50cl) 195 LE

White, Red or Rosé (25cl) 135 LE
White, Red or Rosé (50cl) 265 LE

Omar Khayyam
White, Red or Rosé (25cl) 110 LE
White, Red or Rosé (50cl) 195 LE

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